loving froggies statue on main street, durango, colorado

loving froggies statue on main street, durango, colorado

so, you might not have had the above visual in mind when reading the quote (eating concrete frogs is painful to contemplate). i know my friend Tracy didn’t!

There is a business book titled Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy that has inspired me lately. and i must confess right off the bat that i have not yet read this book (!). i read a short synopsis of the technique and immediately put it into my daily practice … it was that resonant for me.*

at its essence … and please correct me if i’m wrong … you look at your list of “to-do” items the night before or at the beginning of your day, and choose the most onerous one to do first. swallow that frog (task) first! you’ll feel awesome when it’s done, and those good feelings roll into productivity for the rest of your list, and positive emotions right at the start of your day.

i LIKE this!

i’ve been going to my daytimer and writing “frog” in front of that one task. at least a couple days each this week and last i’ve been successful !!  this, coming from a life-long procrastinator. i was the one who got my good feelings from crossing off multiple (dozens, even) to-do items, and yet carrying over those one or two most important items from day to day. there’s no wondering why i woke up with deadlines swirling in my brain. please note the past tense.

this practice is quickly becoming a productive “prosperity trait” for me! it simply feels good.

by any chance, have you experimented with this? did it work for you? i’m curious….       sandy


ps: there’s a lot more than the book; think blog, iphone app, movie and more! check out: Eat That Frog!

* don’t worry, i’ll be heading to the library soon as this book is next on my list