sandy & jax

welcome to the blog i finally created … i’m glad you found me!

i’ve been collecting articles, stories, graphics and thoughts for awhile now and decided to (try to!) put them all in one place. it’s likely that the major themes you’ll see here will fall under:

FOOD … generally local and fresh, made by me and my family, and running the gamut to articles about gardens, farmers, chefs, cooks,eaters & more

DESIGN … i’ve been a creative — as in a graphic designer and art director — for a looong time. i love typography, illustrator generated art, photography, thought-provoking writing and advertising with authentic marketing.

INSPIRING & MOTIVATING … thoughts, shares, quotes, ideas, musings, people who inspire me and pretty much that which totally resonates for me

AMAZING COOL STUFF … travel to books to blogs to businesses to ways for living a healthy life. aka miscellanea.


I hope you enjoy this space. please know that i welcome refreshing & respectful conversations and comments … let me know what you think!


remember to be here now and come from love!