A wise friend of mine read this blog and simply encouraged me to keep writing. to not stop.

excellent advice Neal! thank you.

Life stopped me in my tracks there for a bit. A dear friend was given a “thirty day” terminal diagnosis (as if any of us really know when we are going to go!). for this witty, highly intelligent and eloquent friend of mine, who, by the way, has only *one* regret, knowing that brain cancer is what will take you down and out was discouraging.

this last weekend i helped friends and family throw a small champagne picnic for a couple hundred of her best friends (!). She maintained that she “wanted to be at her own funeral,” so we endeavored to give that to her. in the joyous, green and abundant setting of her own 22-year-old garden we gathered to pay tribute to a wise and very real friend.

this ‘professional of life’ has many admirers, of whom I am one. I can only hope to remember to keep getting up every morning, get dressed, greet my day, and persevere. As she has for 71 years!

Life is a winding path, and every turn is important (to paraphrase Brene Brown). For me, it’s important to keep living life, continue loving, persist in believing my dreams, and embrace the things that bring me joy… writing, singing out loud with the windows rolled down, sharing with friends, jax, gardening, cooking, smiling big, and creating.

thank you, E, for gifting me with your presence!



i bet you’ve been wondering the regret, I know I did. Simply, that she is part Polish, and wanted to go to Poland and then the Fjords with her daughter. maybe in another time and space  ::))