you know how food starts to grow again in your pantry, and sometimes the fridge? no, not the mold, silly. things like potatoes and garlic? the garlic was getting green and the thinking went “well, why not put it in the ground and see what happens?”

the experiment moved to the patio where a small container of potting soil was waiting to be put away. i casually tossed the cloves on top, intending to plant them outside later. i wanted to look online, see if they needed sun or shade, more or less water. i talked with a friend who said they thought bulbs and the like needed a cold period and should be planted in the fall. busy days pass and i notice that the cloves have moved themselves into growing position, and then they start sending up shoots and sending down rooting. i give them a dribble of water when i think about it, and then forget them in the course of more busy days.

2015-06-04 07.45.43

this morning I walked into the patio to go outside and notice a kind of sweetish scent. hmmmm. on with my day. later i think “hey, that was the smell of garlic.” lo and behold i go to look and they are little plants, just waiting to be transplanted to the great outdoors. guess I better get on that.