so, here’s the thing; i am now mildly “suffering” the results of my own deliberate choices. from last thursday until the wee hours of this morning i have shared wonderful times with family who are friends, friends whom I’ve made family. I *was* 45 days simple-sugar and refined food free. from thursday until today, i have eaten bread (gasp), enjoyed a few glasses of very fine wine (oh my), ate some fried artichoke hearts (not as good as I’d hoped), and i have the sugar hangover i richly deserve. i stayed up late, didn’t get quite enough rest, worked out a little harder than the usual in LOVE yoga with bff Andre and thoroughly immersed in my many deep and meaningful emotional connections with everyone I came in contact with. I left it all on the field. i’m tired, a little depleted. and guess what? I’m okay with all of it! i even anticipated it, planned it. i had a blast, too, btw.

jaxandnewhaircutI unplugged from my laptop for nearly 48 hours after eight weeks of working six to seven days every. single. week. i participated fully in a global meditation for compassion. i lazed on the grass with Jax. i got stuck in traffic and listened to Jack Kornfield. I had my last two silver fillings removed, and after some shiny new crowns I am going to treat myself to getting braces for about 18 months. that means my mouth is abraded, my jaw is sore, and my sinuses are acting up because of the novacaine and gum work. it also means I’ll be able to tear lettuce with my teeth because they will meet up. i can’t wait for that! i am ever grateful for this new wherewithal to both make and pay for what i deem to be a priority.

globalmeditationI knew there was going to be this cluster of time where my routine was anything but, and I allowed myself, in advance even, to enjoy all of it to the fullest *knowing* the result would be a day of reckoning, and beginning again.

Since sunday I’ve had one voice inside saying ‘it’s okay, no need to beat yourself up for planning some down time.’ and another voice telling me that ‘it’s time to get up off your butt and start working ON your business, on your finances, ON your life. quit playing around, stop lolly gagging and WORK!’ and I’ve done my darnedness to embrace the former and accept the latter while letting her go. all because i know, have faith in, and trust that me and my divine are working it out, and that the path i find myself on is the path for me. i have the courage to act on letting go of routine for a few days, and the pluck to pick myself up, get back into it, and be deliberate about my actions and my intentions once again. it’s my own way of carpe diem.

2015-07-15 10.08.12today is again day 01 of my go-to simple-sugar free diet that sustains me long term. I’m more than ready for it now and fully feel my body craving simple health. gone are the “cheats” of the last few days. I am replete with great memories, and I am ready for another 40 days of allowing excellent choices to draw me into deep sleep, full hydration, clean food, exercise, creative work, and nature time. life is very good.

i truly believe that allowing and encouraging myself to “be real” in my lifestyle choices gives me even more strength and perseverance to stay the course of spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health that sustains me 98% of the time. i am grateful to be human and perfectly imperfect! i am grateful to pursue wholeHeartedness, one day at a time. i love you guys — have a beauteous day  :)