jax in dappled sunshinewhat a stupendous blessing jax is and has been in my life. do you know, i’m almost embarrassed to admit that i came *this close* to taking him back… thank the gods I didn’t follow through on that temporarily insane thought.

i know his foibles (he knows mine). his anxieties (dogs who bark, any absence on my part, and strangely, woodpeckers). i know his loves (me, me, food, belly rubs, me, butt scratches, food, salmon oil, me). and his preferences (see; loves).

JaxPuppyRicebowlfrom telluride (he is a colorado rescue dog) to loveland to laguna beach, to the open road in his “crate on wheels” aka the red honda, to a 16′ penske truck, and beyond, jax has been my absolute constant companion since day one. he has been beside me during my most transcendent moments, and been a source of comfort and unconditional love when I was inconsolable.



2015-03-20 16.03.30-1jax has taught me more than i can remember. mostly about loyalty, simple joy, and love. also, lots about stepping into the unknown — without even a collar,

just grab your fur and let’s go!





when mom and dad met jax for the first time, dad told me how much he had loved his dog on the farm, Jack. that still makes me smile.







the first home we shared was in the sleepy resort of mountain village, on the fourth hole at telluride ski & golf resort. plenty
of room to run around. well, jax ran, i panted. moving to 12,000 feet from San Francisco sea level took some time for acclimation.

kona schooled him, she was older (though he got bigger).

snowfightlowe have shared oh so many adventures. we have done up and over camping and fly fishing trips on the black canyon of the Gunnison. we have hiked to the tops of peaks in colorado and snowboarded down together, well, Jax leapt, I boarded. he usually beat me to the bottom!

2014-11-11 10.42.17we have gone out and angled the san miguel on sleepy sunny summer afternoons after work was done for the day. jax knows “fish on!” well. we have watched fireworks together in telluride, loveland and southern california.

flatironsandyjax14-43-41_442we have golfed together (he liked riding in the cart better than running beside it. imagine!). we have camped all over the country from wyoming to arizona and he has shared hotel rooms when we weren’t in the tent.






IMG_2497pupsinjeepwe have ridden in limousines together, and shared foie gras.we’ve savored the sunlight and shadows of deep redwood forests, heck, we’ve boated together on lakes and rivers.






sandyjaxLOwe’ve wandered olive orchards, winery orchards and mountain ranges, jax is a well traveled pup, and a handsome and gentle addition to every get together I’ve known.




0616001716Chances are quite high that if I’ve seen you in the last twelve years, you’ve met my Jaxboy.







macjaxIMG_2329 jaxNow we both live the sweet life of getting a bit older and wiser. we enjoy outings to the beach and naps in the back yard while absorbing as much sun and warmth as possible. He works by my side, ever ready for a rub, or a walk down to our favorite stream, ever ready to simply be hanging out together.




happy twelve years JAX …

i’m SO glad you chose me.

i’m the luckiest girl i know
because of your sweet
unconditional love.

i’m the one who got rescued.

2015-06-12 20.09.54