a pair of jeans here. a shirt there. that belt that went with the perfect outfit. i don’t know about you, however, i can confess to having taken over a few items of clothing from the men i’ve loved and known. my dad’s blue, black and grey classic flannel Pendleton — I have photos of him wearing it in the 50s. yep, that’s in my closet. a chestnut brown brass double hole belt, in just my size, I wear that one once each week, likely. it matches my danskin clogs and goes perfect with denim.

And then there’s the cashmere.

big. deep. sigh.  (cue another one of those… with a happy smile)

cashmere is such a lovely feeling experience. it slips over you (mine have generally been sweaters), enfolds you in the softest, silkiest feeling. and then, oh my goodness, it’s WARM. to someone who is perennially cold, cashmere is a wonder! it is deliciously soft, sweet and cozy.

i have been in possession of a few over the last ten years. always black, for some absolutely unknown reason. always a rounded, scoop neck, ditto. and as I’ve washed them when finally needed, they get shorter and shorter, and a bit bunchier. yes i KNOW they should be blocked, or hand washed, right, whatever — try having kids and a german shedder and being self employed with little time to call your own, and EVER having time for hand washing (!). and yet, aged and abused as they are, they still have the lovely qualities of being soft enough to lounge in, and luxurious enough to wear with anything (i highly recommend pearls, always worth a comment regardless of how many dog hairs!), while being warm enough to want to wear to bed. that’s a fairly unbeatable combination in my world (!). I love having one always right there in my drawer, if it’s a bit nippy in the morning, the first thing I want to drag out is my unbeatable warm, comforting black cashmere crew neck sweater….

and we come to today! nearly 2016. a different wardrobe. a different sandy… and so i finally bought a cashmere for me-self. I’m rather happy for this, it’s another first for me.

The incredibly funny thing is, I really truly wanted to buy a FUN color. it wasn’t going to be absconded, I desired to buy it outright, and maybe it could be bright and happy. the possibilities were almost endless…. Pink, purple, turquoise blue, baby blue, sea green, red?? ….

of course, the ONLY color and style that fit was, wait for it… black. !

i find this quite amusing. of course i bought it, and can’t wait to break it in. It will likely incorporate a few jax hairs (something I proudly claim). and it will of course and as always be succulently soft, eminently wearable, and it feels like safe. it feels warm, it brings some peace and ease. all that from a sweater i’ve never before dared to buy for myself.

hmmmm. pretty amazing.

i hope, if you purchase something for yourself this holiday season, and that you find something that suits you amazingly as well.

merry christmas. the merriest of all, so far! so much love.


ps: it photographs as charcoal grey, which it is not. it is indubitably black  ;)