oh my, what an interesting day… did anyone happen to catch the christmas moon tonight? last night we had some fog and the moon had the most beautiful rings around it. tonight (and today) was unexpectedly clear and the moon was big and so bright! here in southern california it was lighting up the palm trees and a starry night sky.

it’s been an interesting day in that i really wanted to try to be in each moment as much as possible. that was my intention this morning, and, I succeeded! that is a rare and wonderful gift, all on its own.

lucky for me, i spent much of the day cooking, which, apart from meditation (and fly fishing and weeding) is about as zen as i can get. started the morning first with prep, cooking sausage, sautéing onions, adding in roasted garlic, chopping celery, apples and nuts for stuffing for the very fresh Diestal bird. On our morning walk in nature, Jax had his christmas wish/stuffed stocking come true — the coyote came back for the first time in four weeks and Jax got to give chase, bark, run and generally be alpha dog!

Then, on to family time. For me it was the first time in decades with extended family, and it was so incredibly special it’s hard to describe. i had a chocolate bordeaux with my morning coffee, nibbled on fresh fruit, and we all opened presents as quickly as a one and a half year old can handle. that means slowly, fyi   :)   slowly, as in good. time to savor. time to talk in between, catch up on life, throw balls of wrapped paper, take pictures of the littlest one (James), put bows on our heads, play with his puzzle of “diggers,” (trucks that dump or dig), be silly, enjoy the wrapping paper and cards and thought put into each gift. there was time to savor slow time.

i am ever grateful to have time to make time. i love that i can sit on the floor and play with james or jax. i love that there was time to start random conversations whose only intent was to create more connection with family. i love that i belonged. and i am so grateful for that.

the turkey, she was done early (how often does THAT happen?) And all was well, christmas day walks of the neighborhood were had, potatoes were mashed, gravy was made, corn was creamed and fresh cranberries were adorned with satsuma, fresh ginger, maple syrup and zest. tables were laid and lights were lit. festive moments abounded. family gathered. the feast was shared.

stories were added to existing family folk lore and the bonds of connection were strengthened. holidays and time to honor family and community are special times indeed.

a couple hours were dedicated to putting away food, making ahead meals that will remind us of these special memories, and of course cleaning up. the last of the christmas lights were extinguished and candles were blown out. hugs were extended and prolonged. and one last longing look up to the moon, a reminder of so much eternal galaxy, and the part we play. if you, like I, have sweet memories of other lives, christmases past and other distant dreams, I hope you take the time to honor these as well.

sweet dreams.

i dearly hope your christmas day contained moments where you too belonged and connected to all around you, all sentient beings, nature and the rest!

ps: the christmas moon shan’t happen again until 2034 (i will be 71, how about you?)… run outside and grab a moment if you can  :)   much love!

pps: “i won’t give up if you don’t give up!,” “all of these lines, and lives, are being crossed all over the atmosphere,” there IS a safe place to put your head.

Allow the alignment. much love.