for me, here’s the thing, it’s all about the willing, constant surrender. why? well, my ego has this fantasy world going on — there is this sandy-world that is perfect. ego-sandy has somehow miraculously created this existence where she is all of the things she desires oh so much, sweetness of life, emotional stability, worthiness, peace of mind, fulfilling relationships, financial abundance, curiosity, pure creativity, freedom of spirit, peace and LOVE. it’s a beautiful, beautiful world.

sandy-world looks suspiciously like an ideal place to stick around, like a “heaven on earth.” however, the fallacy is that sandy thinks she can create this place.  :)   reality is, *true* heaven on earth is a place that always exists, yet it cannot be achieved by ego-sandy. it can only be accessed with humility and surrender. it slides easily into place when i let go and truly ease into knowing that my divine has got this covered for me… isn’t that amazing?

i cannot begin to know or have the mind that conceived of the vastness of the galaxies and then created them! when a heart begins to beat at five weeks after conception there is no way i could have imagined or thought that into being. the creation of this world is a mystery that is so huge i have a hard time wrapping my head around it.

and. yet. i am also of It, within It and One with with this spirit. It conceived, created and crafted me, and then gave me inner wisdom to know of It’s own beauty, majesty and power. and THEN It gave me the gift of knowing this same power of creation. ONLY through humility and surrender, though. when i try to get there by way of being in this temporary world, through knowledge and work and acquisition and yet more training and learning, i get to see glimpses of heaven.

when i meditate, let go, and train my mind to get out of its own egoic way THEN i get the transformation and the creation and the manifestation. then the transcendence comes easily, flowing with a strength that rises within me and that helps me re-member who i am really am — divine, pure, ever-evolving and simply love. connected through my heart to my deepest sense of divine, i get to be able to live (even if only for short bursts) a life of truly Be-ing. divinely inspired. madly exhilarating and exciting. sweetly enticing. it’s a state of living and a part of me that wants to live here all of the time. a deep part of me constantly craves this deep connection and interconnectedness to All. i want to remain connected to this way of knowing as much as i possibly can! it IS heaven on earth. this place IS love and truth.

i am so grateful i get to Be One with it sometimes, it’s beyond awesome when it happens. and it’s always right there when i tap into my highest good, my best truths, my “better self.” it’s when i take the high road from a place of selflessness and it’s also when i step back and pause. it’s when i allow space for my true self to lead me to unexpected and HUGE new outcomes. sandy-world cannot begin to create this (sandy-world cannot even conceive what this looks like!).

it’s getting still in the midst of chaos. it’s stopping outer events with a quick hold or re-set button by taking a pause to breathe and check in internally. it’s stopping long enough to listen to deeper intuition. it’s taking time to feel for what my heart is always always telling me, if i but take the time to pay attention. it’s the quiet reaching out and desire to connect within, to surrender to a higher vision and power. these are the practices that manifest heaven on earth.