right now i have the most loving pup ever sleeping sweetly in my lap. he has his paws hooked lightly over my thighs and his head in my lap. he is snoring lightly, completely asleep and trusting while being held by me. every once in a wile there is a twitch or deep sigh or subliminal stretch.

the trust he pours into me holding him is an awesome force. the peace i discover when i simply hold and love, with no expectations, it is a force of nature unto its own. all of life is warmth and trust and a sweet sleepiness after a full day. i live in gratitude to be given this level of utter trust by another being.

whatever could i have done to deserve this? my heart is warmed. i feel more whole and complete to be able to provide this safety and security. jax awakens slightly, stretches, and relaxes again. further and deeper. he is lax in my lap with utter trust that i will take care of him. he adjusts himself to get even more comfortable and i am aware of his warmth and sheer body weight. here is another sentient being, sleeping and resting, nestled up side by side with me. what an awesome responsibility. what an ever-arching love and simplicity.

another deep sigh. deeper inhale and exhale. talk about being my teacher of prana, of breathing. it is natural with this one. may i simply be in attention and observation and learning, that i may bring this alertness to my own life, and inspire others to the same.

what does this bring to him? apparently peace. deep rest. complete utter relaxation into the moment.

it is good to step away from it all. to have an intention in place with my divine. that intention being to simply stop and experience life. no filters. no one else as a sounding board. me and you, my divine. and my very physical and loving reminder of You, my jax boy. slow down. breathe. pet. be in the very simple moment. listen. feel. Be. Live. Love. oh yeah L O V E .

let other experiences, memories, people and moments be lived and heard and fall away. allow other older expressions of being be happy, and to let them go to create anew. to hear wonderful music and allow it to bring memories of all different times, while wondering where the new, future music will come in.

and to return, while yet moving forward. what a sweet boy and sweet soul i have been given to watch over. how much love have i received and yet have to repay. unconditional. ever more.

pure heart. pure soul and pure love. but that i could ever return even a fraction of it.

thank you universe. i am grateful. thank you for bringing this sweet soul into my life. i have no idea what i did to deserve this love, and i vow to honor it in any way can.

and then! baptism by white shoulders. hahahaha! reality intruding on a soul moment. leaving to relieve myself with an elbow encounter of a shelf in the bathroom, including said scent. talk about an anointment…. yes. fully and completely.

john lee hooker in the background, in the mood for love. and jax and i, ready for sweet dreams, with a definite redolent scent of white shoulders.

sleep tight.