what meditative musical resonance this morning to be grateful for! bird song, splashing water, gongs, i feel deeply connected to the rhythm of all of life. peaceful, divinely whole, perfectly imperfect, loved, enough. i do love sundays.

i have a few things i do daily and weekly that give me a lot of pleasure and spaciousness. on saturdays i let go of all my timed alarms and reminders and let myself sleep in if my body wants that. sundays are up early again so that i have time for two hours of meditation and watching the sun rise and the day brighten. i also clean and prep for my week and stay unplugged from electronic devices for the most part. thursday or friday generally finds me with a more organic day, this has simply evolved over time… i seem to have more mental energy for long periods of integrating the work week and happenings, and i have more room for inspiration to come in.

daily my alarm goes off at 8pm and i endeavor to use the last wakeful hour of my day to actively learn or write or read or listen to inspirational talks or music. i also will review the day just passed and the day and week to come. i call this my letting the day go time and i’m really beginning to cherish it and honor it.

all of the above with the inevitable lapses! as i move from a year of healing and dog paddling to get my head above water into year two of growing and achieving more, i’m finding time management to be more important and i’ve been experimenting with different ways of being more productive in the hours i set aside for work. i will get back to taking weekends off, and another goal down the road is three days each week free from “work.” for these next nine months however, i work six and seven days each week. i have needed to ramp up skills, create learning programs and the time to do homework and put better systems in place for productivity. the really fabulous bit? i love my goals and am excited to implement the steps that bring them into being, and so i love what i am doing and how i spend my time on a daily basis. i’m excited about my life, and yours, and how we all make our lives work and be happy and content.

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and yes, i get frustrated and stumble. my sadhana saves my butt every time. my daily sadhana includes meditation morn and eve, yoga, push ups and sit-ups, walking in nature with jax, reading, intentions, green juice and of course these sometimes meandering gratitudes. my rich community of friends and family is another saving grace, reaching out and asking for help or clarity or sharing nearly always results in solace. (i do have this deal with the universe, if i call three people and get no response, that’s a big sign for me to stop reaching out, to sit, and to go within and be with my struggle and wrestle it out with my ego and my divine.)

all in all, i’m incredibly grateful to be exactly where i am, with another fresh new day in front of me… and, i’m curious. what do you all do to wrangle with the vicissitudes of life? how do you challenge yourself? what are you learning?


image: unknown, I am grateful to use this image, it makes me feel like growing!