(a few days ago…)  i have a dear near neighbor who is leaving us. I visited today and as i came up the walk, i noticed a number of bones, mixed with murky water, in their bird bath. I thought to myself to offer to help clean it and fill it with fresh water. rejuvenate it, refresh it…

I mentioned the bath, and Pat shared that watching the ravens had become a family event for them. the large birds would drop found bones and mice into the bird bath to break them up and create a soupy nutritious broth for the babies.

we sat inside on the early hot late spring day. the daughters, the son, Pat. Ron was mere feet away in his own space of ?? Would that i could soften that question mark. What happens at the end? do we resist? insist? persist? Do we see visions that tempt us into a future that has been unimaginable til now? Do we loose the tight hold we’ve possibly held onto all of our mortal lives? can we lighten our grip? can our ego let go its desperate clinging for the known and familiar into the ultimate new realm of uncertain, unity and possibility?


(acknowledgment)  I wanted to take this moment in time to honour you both! Your impact on our neighborhood has been profound. I cannot count how many people I’ve talked with in just the last week who have started in with a story and smile of remembrance, “when I first moved here five years ago (or 7 or 12 or !), Ron & Pat were the couple who made sure to get to know me. They helped me with their friendliness and humor and kindness.” and, “Ron is simply a stellar human being,” and “Pat has helped me so much over the years.” The stories go on and on, truly. I am simply one of the more recent recipients of your camaraderie and big-heartedness!

thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for helping me “find my way” around, and for loving Jax, too. thank you for making me feel more than welcome, and as if I had another set of “parent-friends,” always ready to share a smile, a remembrance, advice, a laugh and a scratch for jax. You are both so very loved!

I live in immense gratitude to you both and *know* if you’ve left this kind of mark on our neighborhood alone, you’ve touched and helped many many souls along the paths of your lives. Your legacy is a shared life of kindness and full living. heaping blessings to you and your loved ones.


(now)  how do i honor death today? the only way i know of is by living fully and embracing every moment completely. yesterday the world lost a wonderful neighbor and all around stellar man. there is a rip in the fabric of our community here and it is keenly felt.

i am grateful to have known Ron for the last year. even in such a short amount of time his excellence showed. Just a few weeks ago jax and i met him out walking and we talked briefly about what a beautiful day and moment was happening right then. life can change so very very quickly…

RonWilkinsonI am going to acutely miss strolling past his open garage door and saying hello as he let me in on the details of his latest “daddy fix it” project. He always had a smile for jax and I, a pithy comment about the gophers, another story about some of their worldwide travels from the past, and excitement for an upcoming family ski trip to mammoth. He was delighted to share that he could ski for free now because of his age! what a full life!

as permanent as this world may sometimes feel, i know differently. i feel it in my bones. we are each fragile and life is tenuous. not in a bad way, simply it is too easy much of the time to forget how entirely precious each one of us is, and how fleeting is our time here.

just for today I shan’t forget.

just for today I hold both the nearness of death and the baby ravens in their nest waiting for nourishment from their parents.

just for today i let in the poignancy and vibrancy available in every moment when I can hold death and life simultaneously.






raven image: Ugashik Bob birdphotographers.net