I discovered today thru a personal experiment that Facebook is not a very curious platform. I PRIZE curiosity and believe it to be one of the wellsprings of growth. When i discover something new, i turn to my digital (and physical) resources and then post on the same, wondering if there are connections out there. It appears that when i get curious about something completely outside of FB’s algorithms it simply tunes me out. hmmm. Is it time to get off Facebook? Is there any alternative? oooops, there I go, getting curious again! lol.

Facebook seems to prefer me to stay the same, to post similar feed likes, to serve me up the same people and type of posts. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the positivity in my feed. !!  I have deliberately cultivated this positivity. What if however, I wanted positivity to come in from a field or industry I’m not currently “in?” what seems to happen is that FB simply ignores parts of the world I don’t “like”.. Maybe I’ve got a wild hair, maybe, I get curious about dressage or children’s books or the night sky, who knows? it appears the FB “rewards” my existing behavior and search behavior for some unknowable financial reward of its own, and it doesn’t really see me as a unique individual. It doesn’t reward my curiosity. yes, it’s a business, I get that. and it appears to be in the business of conformity. and some superficiality.

I am interested because this behavior is so unlike us as individual human beings. we’re wired for uncertainty and for coming into equanimity and balance, regardless. Hence my delicious photo of Jax, a sentient being uncertain of anything that comes next! Whether we realize it or not, along with Jax, our bodies are precisely wired to be okay, even when we don’t know how our next breath comes in (is the air clean or smoky?), what meal we feed ourselves next (does it nourish me or feed me complex sugars), how will I be hydrated (is it water or something else that makes me want more water, lol). What any next urgent moment might require of us is unknown, and we get to handle that, and our bodies are miraculously adept at doing so. Does miring ourselves in electronic devices all the day long help grow our skills to maneuver adroitly day to day in the real world of real people skills and relationships? Have our thumbs taken the place of our wit and compassion?

it appears the algorithms of Facebook focus on our desires for uniformity and “fitting in.” Which begs the question, am I here to simply stay in touch with my status quo, or am i here to grow and learn more and different? can i move beyond the superficial, and is this a forum that allows for the deep digging and exploration into soul and spiritual growth that I truly desire?

it’s possible I might be better off simply diving into day to day life, meeting ever more people and asking questions and observing… these activities don’t seem to happen on Facebook with regularity, instead it serves up what I already *know* and am comfortable and familiar with.

please, don’t get me wrong, the reality that I have been able to reconnect with SO many friends from my past lifestyles, and those of my friends, is absolutely beautiful. so incredible. however, are there ways it can help me keep growing? that seems more google than Facebook, more encyclopedia and real world experience than being online so much of the time.

here’s the thing, FB and other social media platforms have become the place where we share. albeit, the sharing that happens, and with whom, is determined by the platform, not by our wishes of who and what we would necessarily like to see happening in the lives of particular friends. and when you go to their page, you may not even see the most recent information they are sharing…

Is there a good balance between your “real life” and your life online? are you seeking some equanimity?

there is so much power here in this online world. are we using it wisely? well? and then, are we getting offline and living, fully?



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