there are so very many expressions of love. the tragedies we live these days can sometimes not seem balanced by the victories of love. sometimes it seems as if darkness is winning.

i’ve witnessed many different styles and methods of outpouring of compassion, hurt, pain, suffering, lovingkindness and wholeHeartedness recently. radio, video, tv, newspapers, conversations, there is no end right now. this is an amazing conversation and moment to celebrate. there ARE enough of us to keep this world in love. there is enough love in the world. peace exists. friendships last. families support. communities reach out. help is here. hope is here.

there exist reasons to rise strong against hatred, injustice and prejudice. can we do this?

better yet, can *I* do this? all it takes is for each of us to keep living courageous, centered and conscious lives. staying in the moment, making deliberate choices in speech, action and beliefs, being true to a divine connection, to your true heart and spirit — these actions change the world. one moment at a time. one encounter at a time. one day at a time.

choose to live in courage. choose to live in love. let love flow.

there’s this thing lately, “don’t let life happen to you, allow it to happen *for* you.” I vociferously add, “Let it happen THROUGH you. Let it happen WITH you. BE the vessel for loving change. Let it start with me. Let it start with you.” Change the world, don’t let the world change you.


ps: my response to the fear and hatred, beyond the above, is: so much of this comes from many lacks — education, compassion, understanding and a feeling of unity with all in the world. As to what to do? Live a good and wholeHearted life. be as compassionate and kind as you know how to be. treat every stranger as if they are family you love. make a difference in your own day and it does make a difference in the world. at the end of our lives, our legacy is love. Love as much as you know how and let that drive what you do and how you act and speak and think during the day.

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