Jax is now more silver, grey and white then caramel and black… this is okay. my roots are grey and silver, too! I see my feelings around this as an acceptance of how life works, the cycles and seasons of all, from birth to youth to older age, wisdom and the aging and dying process.
2016-07-30 13.19.38For as much as our culture wants the ageless “forever young,” guess what? it flies in the face of what we all know deeply in our cells… we age. We can do it with health, and grace and acceptance. AND. hopefully we impart wisdom as we age. hopefully we hold youth in our hands lightly as we seek the otherness of the new frontier of older ages. let’s not judge aging. let’s not judge. period.
can i open up to what happens, next? we shall see, and I will share. sending hugs to all of us willing to age with wisdom. and, with LOVE.