i’ve learned that I can only rise to the level of where I’m willing to do the same work on (and for) myself.

I will be as successful as the top five people I hang out with in my life. If I do not commit to continued growth and learning, every doggone day that I have (!), I will stay stuck. I have ultimate responsibility to my soul to keep growing. I have ultimate responsibility to the growth of our planet and universe to stay consciously in love. I choose to live in awareness and do everything I know to help others.

Yes, I could live unconsciously. I can pour another one, I can just change to another channel (instead of turning it off), I can stay mired in the same old behaviors and habits that may have deposited me in a life where I don’t feel joy or happiness. I can light up another one. I can take another pill. I can get into yet another relationship that is centered in dependency. I can eat another doughnut and I can sure the heck just keep on driving past. I can view the wreckage and choose to not do anything about it.

Or I can rise. I can sing. I can fly. I can spread my wings and get vulnerable. I can have real conversations and talk with others about what is truly meaningful to us as aspiring souls. I can laugh and fully smile because I’m not afraid to show up as all of who I am, and who I am becoming. I can stop behaviors that numb me to the world and choose as many times as necessary to let those behaviors go. I can take deep satisfaction in knowing that every day I am given I am doing the work to be better. Kinder. More loving. More compassionate. More fully the soul I know I have the capacity to become.

We each have these choices, every single day. We can wake up in the morning and choose awareness. We can deliberately and consciously choose growth. We each have free will. We can also choose to remain unconscious and unaware.

Today I am willing to commit to a higher consciousness. Today I choose to be aware. Today I allow myself to become more of what I already am. I challenge myself to be more, provide more, listen more and choose more. Today I will give more, and receive more. I know that I am provided for, and all is taken care of. I am okay, I am enough and I live in love.