I am incredibly grateful this journey of mine here on earth continues to be such a transformational experience. I am grateful to be continually led to reading exactly what I need to read and to listen deeply for truth. I am grateful to ask for the teachings I need, to know them when I see them, and be willing to receive and act upon them. I am grateful to know and welcome teachers into my life, at just the right moment. I am grateful that All gives me all at precisely the perfect time. I live in ever-appreciation. namasté.


“…the heart is our gill and we must move forward into life like simple fish, or we will die. And the mysterious yet vital way we turn experience into air, the way we extract what keeps us alive — this is the poetry life that transcends any earthly discipline or craft or field. All this while the Universal Ground of Being we call Spirit is working its unknowable physics on us, eroding us to know that we are each other.”
:: Mark Nepo





2014-07-01 20.37.27sample

2014-07-01 20.37.45sample

I shot the two panoramic images above on July 1, 2014 in Colorado. they are absolutely non-retouched images, can you believe the sky?