to allow ourselves to touch and be touched creates powerful stories and connection. when i’m talking about touch, i’m talking about multiple definitions… when i allow my soul to be touched, i am consciously allowing myself to be vulnerable to all of life. i am allowing myself to be moved by the simple beauty of a leaf, shimmering with mist and spinning in a light breeze. i am allowing myself to be pierced by the aching beauty of being with another soul through a dark night or phase in their life. when i am vulnerable i can hold space for all the wonder and unknown mysteries that life and choosing growth can bring. i can awaken every morning renewed in my efforts to keep on with becoming a more courageous and kind person.

when i sink into allowing myself physical touch, it awakens my senses. when i allow my body to fully revel in its world it means i am open to allowing my wise body to feel its feelings, and to take breath and feel what it is like for that breath to oxygenate my cells and to connect my body and mind more deeply. it means i can allow physical touch in for healing and for a more full immersion of what it is to love and be loved.

both senses of “being touched” work singly; taken together they begin to help me craft a new life where i am more fully whole, more integrated (not disintegrated) and more open. i’m grateful for both.

today i feel into my heart to listen and hold anothers. today i remain open. today i stand in strength and flexibility. i allow life in to shape and shift mine for serving with love. today i surrender, as i try to do every single morning. i re-commit to growth and change and know the sweetness, and bittersweet too, will flow in. the past has no meaning, the future isn’t here. i have right now to keep being the best i know to be.

#namaste #touch #vulnerable



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