for some years now, i have continued coming back around to this definition of success, as it resonates deeply for me. in some way, shape or form the goals below have become my personal manifesto. I see them as the fuller description of ‘Be here now. and come from Love.’

SUCCESS IN LIFE could be defined as the continued expansion of happiness and the progressive realization of worthy goals.

It is the ability to fulfill your desires with effortless ease.

Aspects of success include

… material abundance in all its expressions
… good health, energy and enthusiasm for life
… fulfilling relationships
… creative freedom emotional and psychological stability
… a sense of well-being and peace of mind

It includes curiosity and willingness and the courage to live wholeheartedly.

Affluence is the abundant flow of all good things to you, and from you to others.


AND, even with the experience of all these things, we will remain unfulfilled unless we nurture the seeds of divinity inside us.


“We are divinity disguised, and all that is within us seeks to be fully materialized. True success is therefore the experience of the miraculous. It is the unfolding of divinity within us. It is the perception of divinity wherever we go, in whatever we perceive.

When we begin to perceive our life as the miraculous expression of divinity, then we will know the true meaning of success.” :: deepak chopra

these are just some of my thoughts along the path to help you refine your own personal definition of success. make it a beautiful day!