Can my current habits carry me to my desired future?

a few years back, i made a lot of new and interesting friends simply because i stayed real. i’m in that place again. i’ve no clue as to how i ‘fell out’ of that place, regardless. here i am.

i’m 57. (yikes! when did that happen?!) i am blessed to live with a beautiful guide dog puppy who is reminding me to simply live every moment. because, jeezum, our pets (and our kids) are simply in the now. and that’s the only place to be. right here and right now is the only place i can be, it’s simply the laws of nature.

i cannot pretend to know any of the next steps. laughing to self! I do not have a crystal ball that tells me where I should be and what happens next.

i do know that i can travel and be myself, regardless of where the travels take me.

i am fluid. i co-exist naturally. i allow the moment… as much as i know how.

i learn from my environment. i learn from the people surrounding me. i learn because i listen, deeply.

my question has become, how do i take all of this and also turn it into an income.

i’m getting real here.

we’ve all seen it, the friends or mentors who have created these lifestyles they share on social media. the money they make, and what it allows them to purchase.

what if we were to focus simply on living our own lives to the best of our ability?

what would THAT look like?

what if we lived in a town in Idaho, or Ohio or California and the coolest thing that was happening was that our families are happy? our children are becoming people who live authentically? we are creating environments where human peoples thrive (not just survive)? we are living in a place where we can be ourselves?

so much of the current culture takes away our humanity and our huge hearts. it says to ignore who we are and to strive for some ideal that means nothing.

we can choose to follow ways of being that strive for someone else’s goal.

and we can choose to follow our own whole hearted (dare I say heart centered?) goals.

what’s your choice?

when i make a choice that affects my income, my livelihood, simultaneously i get to choose how to live my life while creating the money/resources needed in our culture to thrive.

here’s the thing, as we live in the USA, we have a capitalist culture. Let’s simply say that fact. As such, I can choose to opt in, or opt out. I value anyone who can actually figure out a way to opt out and make it work. heaven knows that’s what I have been trying to do for all of my years on this planet.

When I choose to opt in, I find I’ve created this world where I do the things I love and am talented at and that is how i make the money needed to continue to live in this culture. It’s such an interesting conundrum because I am feeling my natural desire to simply keep helping, talking and being with others, and then needing to charge for that innate wisdom because I have to pay for shelter and food.

As I’ve shared, if you can get on the road and even just temporarily break the paradigms, what happens when you question everything?

again, what’s your choice?