i’ve been contemplating. i have this lovely beherenow.me domain and it’s been the home of many a valid contemplation. so now, what to do with it? it’s $430. to keep it alive in the digital world for the next three years. I’m on a budget, therefore is this something to keep alive? or is this kinda a silly ego thing ? does it mean more than a trip down nostalgia lane?

I go through the posts reaching back for seven years+ and feel value here — I know this. How do we value value? Heck if i know.

I do know I haven’t been writing my own writing enough. And this forum used to inspire me. I do know what I have been taking in requires writing out to see what’s what. I know I have years of real world experience that people value. So I’m thinking I might keep writing with more regularity. I know I want this. I’m unsure of the value to others….

Figuring out what my commitment is feels surreal.

We live in a world increasingly marked by ever-change. The earth beneath our feet is constantly in flux and nothing feels secured.

i know one of my greatest strengths is my ability to feel okay in the face of massive shifts, change, discomfort and the unknown.

Mind you, this does not mean I don’t know what the unknown is, it simply points to the reality that I’ve figured out, really well, how to live in uncertainty. Perhaps this is a journey we get to explore together…t

I am in active contemplation. If you’ve ever interacted with me in a public domain and would like to stay in touch, please lmk.