i believe life is continually inviting us in for deeper purpose-ful experiences. We get to choose when to say yes.

I started this blog nine years ago, originally as a place to provide ideas about sustainable living. It organically evolved over the years, serving as a place where I was able to write my thoughts through the conundrums of life.

As with many things in life, its primacy in my life shifted over the years even as I worked internally with questions like, ‘am I providing vlue?’ ‘Is this self-centered or ego-centric?’ ‘What is the pupose of these writings existing in the world?’

The domain and server space comes due every three years and it’s been time to assess. I had been mulling it over for about two months prior, and was ready to let it go. The time came to rip down the content and back it up to the hard drive in preparation for selling the domain. And I just couldn’t do it.

The questions above still apply. I’m giving myself the permission to explore them here, and one year with monthly deadlines to see if I’m motivated to follow through with my writing. If at the end of the year, it has dwindled off yet again, it’s bye bye!

I was prompted towards this solution after listening last year to a little book, Goodbye Things by Fumio Sasaki. One of his (many!) suggestions is to take a photo of any objects you are ready to release. Another is to put them in a box in a closet and see if you are compelled to pull it out and add it to your everyday life again. There are many more practical suggestions, side by side with interesting thoughts to explore around why you might be holding onto something, and if it still makes sense for you to continue holding.

(Aging is not for the timid, and releasing things no longer needed — particularly as we age — is a practice.)

What are you ready to let go of? Or, as Pema Chodron suggests, what are you ready to let be?

I’m excited about releasing the contents of my storage unit! After one year of visiting my “stuff” fairly rarely (and 7 years of paying monthly, sheesh!), I’ve made new plans to load all of it into a truck and have a huge multi-family garage sale with friends this fall. I’m energized to think about all of the new space I’ll be creating in my life as I let go of the old. I’m saying yes to creating space in my life for what comes next.

I’m am releasing as well old ways of being and reacting (instead of responding). I have finally found a weekly/monthly/goal system that helps me to stay on top of the daily tasks that add up to the annual changes.

I am embracing, again, teachers I have found over the years who provide real world day-to-day motivation and solutions that keep me on track and in action mode. In addition to my clients and coaching work I love, I am writing again, being coached and taking classes — i love learning something new every day and digging deep to ascertain that I am on my path, being true to myself and the divine.

namaste: the being in me bows to the being in you.