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update: july 2018, rancho mirage, california

and now it is 2018. my beloved jax left in april, with an ever-unfillable gap. and I’m still here, wandering and wondering. and glad to see you, too. it’s lovely to have spirits joining us on the journey, filling our hearts with wholeness that we seem to continually seek….

life is beautiful. and it sucks. and hurts. and is incredible. and lovely. ah yes, i begin again to traverse the dichotomies and simple sheer idiocies of day to day life. do i have the courage to continue documentation? tlme will tell.

grief knows no boundaries.


updates, february 2016


2016: what an amazing path I have been blessed to journey upon! we are still near the beginning of 2016, and to me it feels like a year two, and a true gift. last year was year one, a year of healing from multiple instances of extreme loss. this new year has been bringing along an entirely different energy (thank goodness!) and tons of new growth and even more change, albeit more easily welcomed.

i am continuing to experience lots of challenges, however, these challenges are the type that i welcome and look forward to each day… happenstances like new work with new clients, new friendships, a stronger and deeper path of spirituality, and lots of new professional skills to conquer. there is a big part of me that wants to jump up and down and shout ‘i made it! I made it through four of life’s biggest stressors in just 15 months!’ i am so very glad to have continued to lean in to my challenges, to continually learn to embrace all of my life and self, to know that I am whole and enough and worthy. regardless.

here i am, through to the other side of 2015. happier, healthier. more content and at peace in my own skin. more easily able to calm myself, to act instead of react, to love instead of judge.

this blog will keep going because my journey now is about further expansion, bigger intentions, inspirations, dreams and desires and still, LOVE. namasté.


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july 2015…

MUCH has changed in the last 18 months since I began this blog. actually, pretty much my entire life. I attempt to blog the more positive and/or more informative moments of my life. however, since you’re over here on the “about” bit, you’ll see the longer version.

about half a year ago, i experienced an abrupt change in partner, parenting and place status. I am no longer married, samantha and henry are no longer in my life (not by choice), and i have returned to california. in short, there was this two-week business trip that turned into a divorce. and it’s okay. I’m okay. I hope everyone else involved is, however, I’ve been given no access so I do not know. I send lovingkindness and compassion and that’s what I’ve got.

the universe once again blessed me with unexpected gifts that, turns out, i’d been meditating on for a couple years already. i realized as i headed north into the snows of cheyenne on a brisk october early morning that “stepping into the unknown, relinquishing attachment and leaping into uncertainty” meant change. lots of change. and as long as I’m always bringing gratitude for all to the fore, it has been amazing change, serendipitous, loving and in utter synchronicity with my dreams and desires.

geographically, I have been hanging with mom in laguna woods, california. ah yes, these words still make me shy away a bit (as i think they would for anyone of this certain age). the beautiful bit with this situation is the healing that has occurred in getting to know mom one on one “without any men around” as she so eloquently puts it. It is true, getting to know each other at this stage in our lives has been a balm. and a blessing as i get back on my feet after the financial disaster that was my past relationship.


august 2014

this was more difficult to write than i thought it would be  :)  i’m certain i’m missing a lot of detail, large and small, what is here will have to suffice for the moment.

be here now, and come from love!

be here now, and come from love!

i have been an avid consumer of blogs and often wondered what i would do with my own. a while back, i started a folder titled ‘for my blog,’ and would drop reminders, emails, links, quotes, pictures and whatnot into it. what finally convinced me to leap? are you ready? linkedin, of all things. I have been looking for new opportunities as a graphic designer, and along with refining my profile, they reminded me to be posting on others’ blogs and articles (check), and to have my own.

then my sister started one for her tour down the Rhine from Amsterdam to Budapest, and of course being the competitive little sister i thought, “if she can do it, I can too.” and here we are.

i thoroughly enjoy the writing and composing and thinking about what to post here (which gets me really excited, last night i couldn’t sleep!), while a small back part of my mind wonders how to set up the static page, how do i get rid of Uncategorized (i don’t think i can!) and how to use tags. i’m told i want to use tags  :)  oh! and don’t forget to add your domain to all of those places where your portfolio lives (scribd.com/xandybassett, FB, linkedIn, denver egotist), and should i restart my twitter? and so on and so forth.


me and jax at the flatirons in boulder, co

me and jax at the flatirons in boulder, co

you’ll likely hear a lot about my best canine friend, jax. when i moved to colorado just over 11 years ago i signed a lease, and got a dog. I had always wanted to try living in a resort with snow, and have a BIG dog. jax chose me over the montrose animal shelter (good choice!), and we’ve been the best of friends ever since. he is voice-trained, super smart, a cuddlebug and very sensitive guy. definitely my better half when it comes to unconditional love, and knowing when to play and when to rest!

me? i’m a southern california native, then a 16-year san francisco dot com chick, after which i migrated to telluride, colorado following the dot com bust. charming loveland, co is where it’s at for now. bob, my fiancé, was an amazing chef in telluride for 21 years (think Allred’s and 221), and we met on match back in ’08. yep, match.com in an isolated ski town of 1500 souls. bob is the love of my life and our journey together enriches my heart and soul. his 11-year-old son henry lives with us in loveland and is starting middle school soon. he’s a wicked good ice hockey player and hates homework and showers. imagine. samantha, bob’s 13-going on 16-year-old is (frighteningly) gorgeous, has a good head on her shoulders and wants to be a heart surgeon. she lives in ridgway with mom and stepdad.

professionally I’ve been super blessed with amazing experiences, jobs and clients/friends. my career has been wide-ranging and FUN, i’ve traveled, i’ve foodied in SF through the dot com, i’ve worked more overnights than i can count, and i’ve had opportunities to create creative that i never imagined. now i want more! (if you desire more details, check out my case studies pdf portfolio on scribd.com/xandybassett)

this blog is going to be an outlet for me to begin collecting in one place my heretofore scattered thoughts, friends, loves, inspiring quotes, vector art, food ideas, stories, photos, books, experiences, and and and.

and oh yes, a personal detail, my “logo” up til now has always been an ampersand. I created/illustrated one for my ankle tattoo, and the word “and” has always embodied a life philosophy for me … you know; and, more, what’s next, growth + additional, beyond, greater, many. lots of words with lots of potential! that’s how i like to look at myself, and view life.

I’d love to hear your stories too, please log on, read, write or comment when inspired. I hope we’ll have a delightful relationship … be you, and i’ll be me.

lean into it. inspired by brene brown and the gifts of imperfection!

lean into it. inspired by brene brown and the gifts of imperfection!